Contact Lens Thermal Cleaner

Hand washing contact lenses is not the only way to go. You can use a contact lens thermal cleaner to achieve the same effect. Or at least to do part of the job. You should still use a cleaner to remove dirt and protein deposits from your contacts, and you must rinse them thoroughly afterwards, but a thermal unit can be used to disinfect the lenses afterwards.
The procedure for cleaning your lenses using a contact lens thermal cleaner is as follows.
1. Clean your hand thoroughly with a non perfumed soap, before removing your lenses.
2. Remove one lens at a time and put it in the palm of your hand, so that the rounded part that actually covers your eye is facing upwards. Pour a few drops of your cleaner over the lens, and using one finger, rub the lens gently.
3. Rinse the lens thoroughly using your saline rinsing solution.
4. Fill your lens case with the recommended solution. Put the lens in its case, and repeat these steps with the other lens. Screw the caps on and put the case into the heating unit. Plug in the unit, and then switch it on.
5. Read the thermal cleaner's instructions, regarding how long you should allow it to heat in order to disinfect the lenses, and also how long it needs to cool down before you can remove the lenses. Once this procedure has been followed, you can put your lenses in your eyes.
6. Rinse the case thoroughly with water, and allow it to dry. Be careful that you do not use dirty or oily cloths to dry the case, because some of this matter could end up in your eyes.
Remember that the thermal cleaner is just a tool to use, and that you should continue to take care and responsibility for your lenses.

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